Aluminium cases

The Alu-Tech aluminium case is designed according to professionals’ requirements. The structure of the case is entirely made of aluminium in order to make it lighter. It is available in the 66 mm version. ORDER System cases are a fundamental tool for storing and transporting utensils, small parts and equipment to the workplace. They can be stowed in specific trays in the chest of drawers, they are compatible with every type of ORDER System commercial vehicles equipment and they are perfect for being integrated in a mobile workshop.

The cases are designed to be also positioned vertically thanks to the rubber feet, in order to make the professional’s work easier.
Thanks to the internal containers which are available in various dimensions it is also possible to take everything safe and in order.
The cases are provided with an ergonomic handle and safety lock. Inside the lid a sponge is applied to seal up the containers when the case is closed.


The containers for cases are realized in hydrocarbon resistant plastic.
They are available in 6 different models, 2 heights (33 and 66 mm) in order to satisfy all different load needs and also in various compositions predisposed for all the models of cases.
They are fully modular so that the case internal space can be managed in the best way, being able to have endless combinations.

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