Chests of Drawers

ORDER System chests of drawers have been designed for being integrated in any position into the equipment of the van. Their main characteristics are: strength, lightness, drawers interchangeability, sphere telescopic guides with total extraction beyond the depth of the drawer and double lock with automatic blocking to guarantee the maximum safety in movement and avoid accidental openings on the way. Each drawer is provided with a built-in ergonomic handle in order not to encumber the space, which can be unlocked with the use of only one hand pressing inside the handle. The drawers are realized in high-strength steel to contain the maximum load with the least thickness and are mainly recommended for those who transport heavy material. The chests of drawers are available in 3 widths (507, 760 and 1014 mm), 2 heights (241 and 483 mm) and 2 depths (360 and 410 mm).


The new ORDER System telescopic tracks are provided with total extraction, automatic blocking system when opening and closing, frontal release of the drawer and 60Kg of capacity per couple.
In the drawers H130-200 it’s possible to install a second slide in order to increase the drawer’s loading capacity.


The chests of drawers with trays for cases are available in the following dimensions: 507-1014 mm wide, 241-483 high and 360-410 deep and they can have from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 trays. They are entirely made of lightened steel, in order to guarantee robustness and lightness at the same time.
The guides are spherical and telescopic with total extraction to remove the case placed on the tray with no problems. The tray can contain one or two cases positioned horizontally, depending on the chest of drawer chosen. The lock of the tray is always in the middle in order to guarantee a good fixing of the load.
The chests of drawers with trays for cases are recommended boil as they allow the stowing of fittings, sleeves, taps, accessories and screws and the containers can be used directly on the equipped van or removed and transported on the work place.


ORDER System chest of drawers with side opening are made with light materials of great quality and have 60 Kg of loading capacity thanks to the new sphere telescopic tracks.
The drawers are provided with automatic blocking system for opening and closing. They are available in three heights (100, 130 and 200 mm) and have aluminium dividers and non-slip mats as standard. Versatility and convenience thanks to the pierced side where tool-holder hooks can be applied.
The new chest of drawers is fully modular with all ORDER System elements.
It is an ideal solutions for small dimensions commercial vehicles as makes it possible to access the drawers directly from outside the van.


The rubber mats for drawers are anti-oil and anti-vibration and they are available in various dimensions depending on the type of drawer chosen. Lightweight and resistant, thanks to the material on their surface, they are able to block the load contained.
The drawers have 2 aluminium dividers to better divide and organize the load transported.
They are available in 4 heights (54, 85, 120 and 170 mm) and two depths (360 and 410 mm).


The ORDER System hydrocarbon resistant plastic containers for drawers are available in 5 different dimensions and their being modular permits to use them in all drawers of height 66mm.

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