Chests of Drawers wiyh balancing drawers

ORDER System chests of drawers with balancing drawers allow to stow all kinds of small parts in the most safety way and to make the content visible thanks to their transparent drawers. All the drawers can be opened at 45°, can be completely removed and equipped with safety lock. The drawers are available in 4 versions: 9 drawers with 76 mm height, 6 with 112 mm height, 5  with 164 mm height and 4 with 206 mm heght, which can be combined according to customer’s needs. They are realized in hydrocarbon resistant plastic in order to ensure resistance and durability over time. The balancing drawers frame is 604 mm high and 602 mm wide and it is made of steel. Inside it is possible to place the various composition of drawers in a modular way.

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