The ORDER System floors for commercial vehicles, protect the inside of the van against wear and accidental damage caused by the transported load, increasing the life span of your vehicle. The floor is particularly useful for those who transport heavy loads such as painters, installers, bricklayers and express couriers because it allows to preserve the bottom of the load compartment and to secure the loads with lashing straps or ropes so that they don’t move during transport. The floor is also essential for electricians, plumbers, mechanics, tire specialists, boilermen, forklift assistance, chimney sweeps and mobile workshops who need to solidly fix a large number of shelvings.

The ORDER System floors for vans are realised with top quality materials and they guarantee robustness and lightness at the same time, the ideal solution for your van.
The production takes place using latest generation CNC machinery.

Corrugated aluminium floor

The 12 mm or 9 mm multilayered marine wood floors are made of Finnish birch covered with a protective oil resin, the upper surface is non-slip with a TÜV certified coefficient of friction and all access sides are protected by special extruded aluminium edges upon request.
They are equipped, if necessary, with recessed cups to facilitate their assembly in the points already prepared inside the vehicle, leaving the anchoring hook flush with the floor in order not to hinder during loading/unloading operations.

Corrugated aluminium floor

The corrugated aluminium floor is realised with a special aluminium alloy which is very resistant and the upper part has non-slip embossed bulges.
This floor is recommended for heavy loads and ADR linings.

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