Internal Linings

The linings for the internal walls of the vans are composed of shaped and perforated panels made of polypropylene, pre-painted metal sheet, aluminium and corrugated aluminium. The main aim of ORDER System linings is to create a cavity between the body of the van and the paneling, so that in case of a violent collision caused by the overturning of the material, the body is not damaged, increasing the life span of your vehicle.

They substitute the fragile linings made of cardboard supplied by the van manufacturer, and cover the areas of the van that remain exposed. They do not substitute the original shaped linings made of plastic.
ORDER System linings are fixed to the body of the van with self-perforating screws or tearing rivets. Before to fix the lining some silicon is applied in order to avoid any possible vibration.
The all lining is composed of left side, right side and lower rear doors, while the upper rear doors have to be ordered separately, because they can be with grille in case of doors with glass or without it, depending on the model of the van and on the customer’s needs.
The side polypropylene linings fit perfectly to the internal shape of every van and they are lightweight, flexible, impact-proof, washable and recyclable.
The linings made of pre-painted metal sheet, aluminium and corrugated aluminium, guarantee a better resistance to impacts and they are recommended for transporting the heaviest loads.

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