Roof racks and ladder racks for vans

ALURACK AluRack is made of a particular aluminum structure which allows it to be robust but also very lightweight at the same time. Thanks to aluminium, a 100% recyclable material, AluRack is an eco-sustainable product that contributes to the protection of the environment and, with a modern patented design, manages to give the commercial vehicle a more dynamic look. Thanks to AluRack, the user can make the most of the space available on the roof of his vehicle, increasing the amount of material transported while keeping the overall weight low. The lightness of AluRack therefore, in addition to the reduction in fuel consumption, will increase the net load capacity of your vehicle, allowing you to carry more tools and materials. Its aerodynamic shape also eliminates vibration and noise while the vehicle is traveling even at high speeds. The average weight of a small AluRack is less than 20kg, including channels and fixing system. We can supply you with this product as an easy-to-install package, which can be assembled by your distributor/bodyshop or by yourself with a few tools needed and in just 45 minutes.
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