Shelvings with plastic containers

The ORDER System shelvings for vans with removable plastic containers are made with a high-strength steel structure to support very heavy loads, and are equipped with specific guides that allow the container to be extracted partially or totally and, at the same time, prevent its movement during transport.

The ORDER System shelvings for vans with removable plastic containers are recommended for plumbers, maintenance technicians, service and boilermen as they allow the stowing of fittings, sleeves, taps, accessories and screws and the containers can be used directly on the equipped van or removed and transported on the work place.
They are available in 5 lengths (507, 760, 1014, 1268 1521 mm), 2 heights (161 and 241 mm) and 2 depths (260, 320 mm).


The ORDER System plastic containers for vans are made of anti-oil and shockproof polypropylene and can also be stacked one on top of the other.
It is possible to equip the containers with a transparent front visor to make the content visible and with horizontal dividers to easily divide the transported material.
They are specifically designed for vans and guarantee, thanks to the front support in transparent plastic, a capacity of up to 75% more than traditional containers.
They are available in the 2 models J3 and J4, both removable.

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