Wheelhouse cover

The ORDER System wheelhouse cover is an important element of van equipment, as it allows us to assemble and align all ORDER furniture and at the same time to obtain useful compartments for storing the material.
The wheelhouse cover for vans is made of high-strength steel which guarantees a solid structure where other furniture can be fixed.

They are available in three versions:

Open wheelhouse cover for vans

Suitable for the storage of big size material as it uses all the available space, or suitable for being positioned close to the wheelhouse of the van.
Inside, it is possible to apply the specific Kit for case-holder, which allows to keep the cases locked to the side of the wheelhouse cover, preventing any movement. Its advantage is that it can fit various sizes of cases.

Wheelhouse cover for vans with door

Equipped with a door made of extruded aluminum, which allows to avoid accidental movements of the material stored during the transport.
Particularly recommended for electricians, plumbers, boilermen, maintenance technicians and mobile workshops.

Wheelhouse cover for vans with rolling shutter for closing

Equipped with a PVC rolling shutter with an extruded aluminum terminal with which it is possible to completely close the compartment, in order to safeguard or hide the transported material.


Wheelhouse covers can also be used as glove compartments and can be applied in every point of the equipment inside the van by inserting the specific rear and lower closures.

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