Shelvings with dividers

Thanks to the dividers made of aluminum, it is possible to organize the material inside in an orderly and safe way. Each divider adopts the new plastic support system which has the function of eliminating any type of vibration between the shelving and the divider ensuring the absence of noise and the function of making it easily removable. The dividers allow to neatly and safely stow all types of materials without the risk of damaging or losing them. They are available in 6 lengths (253, 507, 760, 1014, 1268 and 1521 mm), 6 heights (161, 241, 362, 402, 444 and 483 mm) and in 4 depths (260, 320, 360 and 410 mm).


The terminal shelvings for vans are used as the last element in the various compositions, which thanks to the trapezoidal section of the sides reduce the occupied space.
They are available in 6 lengths: 253, 507, 760, 1014, 1268 and 1521 mm.

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