Why choose order system?


Choosing to set up your own commercial vehicle with Order System® means getting in touch with professionals who are willing to listen to your needs and translate them into practical solutions that promise to improve your everyday work.


The investment in an Order System® van racking solution guarantees cost savings in the medium to longterm. Working in a more organized and faster way and with a well distributed load will allow you to save on hourly and fuel costs.


With an Order System® equipment, you can finally forget all the damaged goods, theforgotten tools and the untidy components.Thanks to the Order System solutions, you will be able to quickly find the items you are looking for, avoid damages and save up to an hour a day of your time for your business or your spare time.


Order System® solutions protect the load in the event of accidents or sudden braking. For over twenty years we have invested in important certifications such as CSI, VALUTEC and TUV GS, which are able to guarantee the maximum safety of goods but above all of people.


We work to develop the best product and mobile solution with commitment to quality and design. The Order System® production takes place entirely in the factories owned, where all the phases of the production of the product take place: from the selection of raw materials to the cutting of sheets, from bending to welding, from painting to assembly and final assembly. All the components produced by Order System® are made with latest generation machinery.


All the equipments can be customized according to your needs. You do not have to settle for a standard solution. We offer an infinite number of van racking systems suitable for each application sector and category of workers from construction, gardening, clothing, plumbing and heating, couriers, up to the transport of medical and explosive substances.


With our equipment, tools and materials are always housed in a fast, safe and orderly way, thanks to this exceptional organization, you will make a good impression onthe customer.


Knowing that you have created the conditions to work better and neater will allow you to reach your business goals soonerand with greater professional satisfaction.
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